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Domains of Healthcare

Addax is proud to support healthcare organizations

  • Hospitals and
    Medical institutions

  • Community 

    Health Centers

  • Rehabilitation
    Healthcare Agencies

  • Speciality
    Care Providers

Domains of healthcare in details

Addax is proud to support healthcare and medicare organizations dedicated to saving lives and enhancing the quality of human life. Our cutting-edge solutions leverage the latest technologies and are carefully crafted to help healthcare users to simplify administrative processes, optimize operational efficiencies, and most importantly, deliver better patient outcomes.


Addax delivers a wide range of innovative technology-powered tools and systems that are perfectly aligned with the complex and dynamic needs of hospitals. Through digitization, automations, AI, data engineering, and integrations, we enable hospitals to streamline operations, cut costs, and improve their financial outcomes. More importantly, our offerings help them to drive innovation and advancements in the most critical area: improve the quality of patient care and deliver better clinical outcomes.

Community Health Centers

Addax’s technology solutions have been implemented in numerous community health centers (CHCs) all over the world. These solutions are tailored to help CHCs enhance their capacity to deliver patient-centered, cost-effective, and high-quality healthcare. Our offerings harness the latest technologies but remain cost-effective, allowing CHCs to deliver comprehensive and continued care to patients, ultimately improving health equity and outcomes in their communities.

Healthcare Agencies

Our software, applications, integrations, automations, cloud systems, and other solutions empower healthcare agencies to achieve their mission and goals. Our solutions have been implemented by both public and private agencies to simplify administration, efficiently manage patient records, improve decision-making among stakeholders, and ensure that high-quality, coordinated care is available to those that need it the most.

Speciality Care Providers

A wide spectrum of specialty care providers have enhanced their clinical workflows and improved diagnostic accuracy with Addax’s suite of healthcare-focused solutions. Our offerings facilitate improved collaboration, communication, and knowledge-sharing among providers, streamline clinical workflows, and facilitate the delivery of high-quality care to patients with complex medical conditions.

Effective Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Addax revolutionizes the way healthcare organizations deliver care with trailblazing technological solutions. Our customized software platforms, innovative web and mobile apps, mission-friendly automations, advanced data engineering and analytics tools, cost-effective cloud services, and seamless integrations empower healthcare organizations to save time, improve resource planning, boost operational efficiencies, and control costs. In achieving these objectives, they improve the quality and accessibility of care and drive overall transformation in healthcare outcomes.

What can be done

Telemedicine PlatformsRead more

Addax enables healthcare professionals to satisfy their patients’ access and care needs via user-friendly telemedicine platforms. Our platforms include numerous crucial features, including support for remote video-based consultations and patient monitoring, secure messaging, electronic prescriptions, appointment scheduling, and personalized content. Bolstered by these features, the platforms facilitate remote consultations and monitoring, allowing patients to receive medical care from anywhere and reducing the need for in-person visits.


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Patient Engagement ApplicationsRead more

Our patient engagement applications include a range of features to foster collaboration between patients and providers in a personalized, secure, timely manner. The tools thus promote shared decision-making, improve patient experiences, and strengthen patient-provider relationships. Also, patients can access a wide range of health information, educational resources, and communication with healthcare providers from within the application, which empowers them to actively participate in their own care and health experiences.

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Electronic Health Records (EHR)Read more

Addax has expertise in customizing, extending, and integrating EHR solutions that enhance clinical workflows, improve patient care coordination, and automate healthcare documentation. By leveraging these solutions, healthcare providers can save time, access the information they need, and better collaborate with each other to design better treatment plans that improve practice efficiency, and ultimately, improve patient outcomes and transform quality of care. We extend and integrate design both on-prem and cloud-based EHR systems, depending on the organization’s requirements.

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Health Information ExchangeRead more

Addax’s health information exchange systems enable seamless data-sharing between healthcare providers and other organizations (laboratories, public health agencies, etc.) so they can coordinate care and engage in well-informed clinical decision-making. Such information availability and exchange plays a vital role in improving patient care, safety, and health outcomes.

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Services that can be applied for this industry

Enterprise Integrations

Addax specializes in integrating healthcare systems with EHR solutions, that enable healthcare organizations to enhance their efficiency, boost productivity, and deliver quality care to patients. They can also reduce barriers to treatment, and set up a more effective evidence-based, patient-centered practice. Additionally, integrations enable providers to easily access patient medical records and other relevant information to design more personalized treatment plans and deliver better care to each patient.

Data Engineering and Analytics

Addax delivers clinical data analytics, reports, and visualizations that empower healthcare organizations to improve decision-making and enhance patient outcomes. Our customized solutions automate screening and reporting workflows, saving time, minimizing errors, and creating new efficiencies in care management and delivery. We also develop predictive models that help organizations to optimize resource allocation, anticipate patient outcomes, personalize treatment plans, design early interventions, and proactively prevent adverse events.

Web Development

Addax’s web- and mobile-based apps help to democratize care access by breaking down communication and access barriers. We design websites that provide patients with convenient access to medical information, and online forms that simplify encounter recording and monitoring, patient intake, onboarding, screening, consent, reporting, discharge, and many other processes. Our experience extends to appointment scheduling apps, online patient portals, automated reminder systems, and specialized apps for clinical practitioners - all aimed at improving practice efficiency and overall healthcare delivery.

Business Automations

Addax designs and builds tailored automations to digitize numerous time-consuming medical processes, including scheduling, billing, administration, patient onboarding, appointment reminders, and records management. These systems enable busy medical professionals to save precious time and utilize it on what matters most - caring for patients. Automated systems and workflows also improve the operational efficiency of healthcare organizations, and improve practice productivity, resource management, and profitability.

What is Addax Healthcare Solutions

Technology is the key catalyst driving revolutionary advancements in the healthcare industry. Addax’s progressive solutions like software platforms, AI-driven data analytics tools, automations, cloud services, and integrated systems harness the latest technologies to help healthcare organizations streamline processes, optimize operational efficiency, improve communication among care providers, and make better decisions. Each solution is custom-built and integrated for the organization’s unique requirements, ensuring that it generates the most desirable outcomes all-round.


Ecosystem that will relate to this industry

Addax’s healthcare solutions can be seamlessly integrated with all popular systems, including EHR software, CRM platforms, mapping and analysis tools, and visual analytics platforms. These integrations help to create a harmonious, coherent healthcare ecosystem that generates positive outcomes for organizations, providers, and most importantly, patients.

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Epic System


Epic Systems develops software that helps to simplify healthcare operations, including primary care, specialty care, patient flows, scheduling, referrals, and more. Epic’s products incorporate AI capabilities and predictive models to help organizations harness evidence-based care insights, improve clinician outcomes, and enhance patient experiences. Epic’s software is used by many kinds of medical facilities as well as individual users.


Salesforce Health Cloud is a comprehensive platform designed specifically for healthcare organizations. It unifies clinical and nonclinical data and enables organizations to access actionable, real-time intelligence. This intelligence can be leveraged to automate operations, deliver more personalized care, and improve patient experiences and satisfaction.

02. Salesforce Health Cloud


Nextgen develops integrated EHR/EMR solutions that enable healthcare organizations to deliver better-quality care, streamline operations and improve financial outcomes. The integrated EHR solution enables specialties to create desired workflows and meet their clinical and operational goals. The company also builds telehealth solutions that improve care access and practice management solutions that simplify complex billing challenges.

03. NextGen Healthcare


Tableau is a visual analytics platform that provides powerful, actionable insights that help healthcare organizations make data-driven decisions. It can ingest data from various healthcare systems, transform it into useful insights, and then display those insights to support a wide range of use cases.

04. Tableau


ArcGIS is a cloud-based mapping and analysis solution that enables healthcare users to visualize 2D and 3D data and create data maps for collaboration and communication. It includes workflow-specific apps, maps, and data from around the globe, as well as interactive maps, 3D scenes, and tools to create web apps and notebooksWith ArcGIS, healthcare organizations can integrate maps into nurse/doctor home visits to effectively monitor and evaluate the delivery of care services. They can also create detailed reports to effectively display facts and figures from maps for analysis, planning, and decision-making.

05. ArcGis

Epic System


Epic System


Epic Systems develops software that helps to simplify healthcare operations, including primary care, specialty care, patient flows, scheduling, referrals, and more. Epic’s products incorporate AI capabilities and predictive models to help organizations harness evidence-based care insights, improve clinician outcomes, and enhance patient experiences. Epic’s software is used by many kinds of medical facilities as well as individual users.

Salesforce Health Cloud


NextGen Healthcare






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