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Addax builds custom websites and web apps that empower organizations to enhance their online presence, reach a broader audience, promote their offerings, and engage more effectively with customers.

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Web Applications//& Forms

Web Applications

& Forms

Connect with your audience on their terms - and yours




Tailored web applications for your unique requirements




Help your users to help themselves

Landing Pages//& Websites

Landing Pages

& Websites

Attract, promote, convince, convert, earn

Content Management//Systems

Content Management


Easy, no-code, low-tech website self-management

Design//& UX


& UX

Wow-worthy UIs, unforgettable UX

What Addax Can Do For You

Web Applications & Forms icon

Web Applications & Forms

Connect with your audience on their terms - and yours

Position your organization for success in a web-obsessed world with a beautifully-designed, user-friendly, and cost-effective web application or form from Addax. Our team brings the perfect combination of technological, business, and design expertise to transform your vision into world-class apps and forms that will make it easy for you to onboard new customers, transform business operations, and tap into new opportunities for growth and success.

Custom Development icon

Custom Development

Tailored web applications for your unique requirements

Addax specializes in building customized web software and applications, with design and functionalities tailored specifically for your business. Our seasoned designers and developers leverage our time-tested technological infrastructure and the latest development tools and methodologies to craft world-class, scalable, web-based products. These products are designed to set your company apart from the rest and position you for continued success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

User Portals icon

User Portals

Help your users to help themselves

Empower your users to help themselves through an intuitive and personalized user portal. With Addax’ wide range of portal development services, you can set up any kind of portal for your target user base, whether it’s employees, managers, customers, or even third parties. Through the portal, they can access relevant information and self-service options to find fast answers and easy solutions with minimal friction or hassle.

Landing Pages & Websites icon

Landing Pages & Websites

Attract, promote, convince, convert, earn!

Addax builds professional websites that enable companies to stand out from the crowd and custom landing pages that effortlessly capture attention, boost conversions, and drive higher sales. Any functional requirements can be accommodated with our fully customized web development services that encompass the entire development lifecycle, from planning, design, and development, to testing, maintenance, support, and consulting.

Content Management System (CMS) icon

Content Management System (CMS)

Easy, no-code, low-tech website self-management

Consistently maintain a beautiful, useful, on-brand website and effortlessly manage its content, visual assets, and contributors with a high-performing CMS adopted and customized for you by Addax. We will select a collaborative, user-friendly CMS platform that enables you to easily create and store all assets, manage contributors, and streamline publishing. Want to switch from a legacy CMS to a modern CMS that’s better-suited for your future-ready website and organization? We can do that too!

UI and UX Design icon

UI and UX Design

Wow-worthy UIs, unforgettable UX

Deliver intuitive, engaging, unforgettable experiences to your users and customers with Addax’ UI and UX design services. Our design and UI/UX specialists have spent years researching user behaviors and psychology to understand what makes them “tick”. This understanding is then applied in the real world to create user personas and design elegant interfaces that deliver immersive user experiences for your brand.

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Addax brainstorms to generate ideas for your project. These ideas guide the product vision and concept, and inform critical aspects like what it should do and how it should work.


What Sets Us Apart

At Addax, we are passionate about building high-performance digital products that empower companies to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Our expertise extends to intuitive self-service user portals that minimize user friction and CMSes that simplify website maintenance.

When you choose Addax, you don’t get cookie-cutter web development services. What you get is a team of seasoned professionals who understand you, are dedicated to bringing your vision to digital life, and most importantly, are committed to your success.

Propel your organization into the league of highly successful businesses. Kickstart this journey today with Addax.

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Discover the future of software solutions


Case study 1

A Customized User Portal with Fully Customizable User Experiences

  • Challenge

    This company requested Addax to build a user portal for their business clients to enhance their customers’ experiences and to garner higher customer loyalty. The portal had to provide customizable experiences depending on the user’s business and business type. The company was using Salesforce CRM but did not want to increase their monthly license cost.

  • Solutions

    Addax developed a custom user portal hosted on the AWS cloud and connected to the customer’s Salesforce CRM via a REST API

  • Result

    The portal has significantly improved customer experiences, particularly during the onboarding process. It has also positively impacted the company’s support function, which is obvious from a tangible reduction in service reps’ response and resolution time. Customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores have gone up, upsells/cross-sells have increased by 38%, and contract terminations have gone down by 50%.

Case study 2

Set Up a Complex Multi-step/Multi-nested Application Form with Elegant UI and Offering Memorable UX

  • Challenge

    This client was looking to build a multi-step and multi-nested complex web form. Those clients asking for seems like unrelated form (claim submissions and claims management, mortgage assistance application, vendor onboarding application) but they share a similar challenge. The form had to feature an elegant user interface and deliver memorable user experiences. It must also interact with a database for data validation and process automation.

  • Solutions

    We used Salesforce as the underlying database and built the application on AWS. The UI and UX teams worked with our business analyst to design the best possible UI and UX. Our development team also worked with the BA to build advanced automations to support the business process. Our QA team thoroughly unit tested the solution before we delivered it to the client.

  • Result

    The client reported overwhelming benefits of the web based form/application. It enabled them to increase process visibility by 100%. They also increased user experience by 100%. Also, the length of the internal process supported by the form improved by 35%.

Case study 3

Website and Landing Development and Integration into Existing CRM Platform

  • Challenge

    In modern environment the web presents of the company via website is not enough. Also, the company’s website was old-fashioned. For example, the information from its Contact Us form came as an email. This affected the information’s usability and hampered the company’s ability to take action on it. They wanted the website to be a part of the company ecosystem.

  • Solutions

    Addax developed the technology to support the client’s business process. We also integrated the website’s landing page and other web forms with the existing CRM. Finally, we integrated their marketing platforms with the CRM.

  • Result

    The client reported improved transparency into the customer lifecycle with our solution. Thanks to the CRM integration, their Marketing department no longer has to manually transfer leads between systems. Instead, all incoming customer requests are automatically translated into actionable data in the CRM that can then be addressed by the right department to improve sales and marketing outcomes.

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