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Transform the way your business works, performs, and delivers with powerful, future-oriented business automation solutions from Addax. Ideal for streamlining repetitive operations and minimizing time-consuming manual activities, our offerings will unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and profitability throughout your enterprise.

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Move away from the grind and focus on what really matters




Seamless amalgamation for a scalable, high-performance infrastructure




Cutting-edge AI and game-changing business results within your reach




Every great business decision starts with the right data




Keep threats out and protect what matters




Specialized engineering solutions for your specific operational needs

What Addax Can Do For You

Workflow Automation icon

Workflow Automation

Move away from the grind and focus on what really matters

Streamlined, error-free workflows result in consistent, error-free output, plus fewer bottlenecks and faster time-to-market. Realize these outcomes in your organization with Addax’s workflow automation solutions. Dozens of organizations in a broad spectrum of industries have achieved smoother operations, improved accuracy and consistency, faster turnaround times, and massive cost savings with Addax - and so can you.

Hardware Integration icon

Hardware Integration

Seamless amalgamation for a scalable, high-performance infrastructure

Get your disparate, siloed hardware components to work together seamlessly with Addax. Leveraging world-class engineering and a manufacturer-agnostic approach, we will build a unified hardware ecosystem that’s fully customized for your company’s unique needs. We will also ensure that the ecosystem works reliably and consistently to deliver exponential levels of efficiency, throughput, and innovation at every level of your business.

AI-powered Solutions icon

AI-powered Solutions

Cutting-edge AI and game-changing business results within your reach

Harness the massive potential of state-of-the-art AI technologies with AI-powered business solutions from Addax. Bolstered by our advanced technical capabilities and toolset, our scalable, modular, customizable AI solutions will augment the skills and capabilities of your human workforce with automations, data, and real-time insights. Generate higher levels of efficiency and productivity and discover newer, better ways of working with AI and Addax.

Data Management icon

Data Management

Every great business decision starts with the right data

Unlock the massive value that’s hidden in your data with Addax’s data management solutions. Our solutions have been deployed by companies all over the world to remove data siloes, enhance data quality, minimize data complexity, and boost data security. In creating a highly usable, trustworthy, and actionable data architecture, we will help you to capture new insights from your data across your on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Security Solutions icon

Security Solutions

Keep threats out and protect what matters

Addax’s security solutions are carefully engineered to protect your business-critical assets in an expanding threat landscape. Whatever your business type, size, or objective, we understand that security is a crucial enabler of your success. That’s why all our solutions leverage the latest technologies, are customized for your security requirements, and are fully scalable to secure your entire business.

Custom Engineering icon

Custom Engineering

Specialized engineering solutions for your specific operational needs

The Addax engineering team has decades’ worth of combined experience ideating, planning, designing, and deploying custom engineering solutions for a wide range of business applications and industries. Each solution offers a uniquely tailored approach to solve complex problems better and faster than standard, off-the-shelf products. No matter your challenge, budget, or requirement, we will create a novel solution that’s perfect for your organization or department.

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Identify business requirements and establish automation goals

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The processes to be automated are identified and the solution’s objectives and goals are established to guide planning and execution.


What Sets Us Apart

The world of business is changing at a rapid pace. In this high-velocity landscape, automation technologies are the key enablers of corporate health, continuity, and growth. Addax will support you in adopting these new technologies so your business remains ready for every new opportunity and resilient to any new disruption.

Our best-in-class business automation solutions can be customized to automate many complex processes and scaled to accommodate changing business needs. We manage the entire solution lifecycle, from design and development, to testing, implementation, and post-implementation support, ensuring that you have everything you need to digitize your business processes, optimize operations, and generate exceptional business results in today’s challenging business environment.

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Case Study 1

Automation of Application Review Process

  • Challenge

    This organization’s customers sent in hundreds of applications per day via email. Each application had to be individually reviewed and approved by multiple approvers, causing delays and resulting in a huge amount of wasted time.

  • Solutions

    Addax implemented a solution to completely automate the application review process. We set up customized workflows for this organization’s unique requirements, designed templates to standardize the application form on the website, and set up automated email responses to acknowledge application receipt. Additionally, we configured collaboration features within the system to enable reviewers to communicate and share feedback with each other.

  • Result

    Our solution completely automated the organization’s multi-approval application process. By removing the need for manual reviews, approvals, communications, etc., it enabled the client to save hundreds of hours of human labor. It also cut application review TAT by 60% and enabled the processing team to increase monthly review volumes by 50%.

Case Study 2

From Vendor-To-Client Inventory Management System

  • Challenge

    This client, a veterinary organization with clinics in multiple locations, requested us to build a vendor-to-client inventory management system. The goal was to simplify the tracking and management of all kinds of inventory, including medicines, tools, bags, animal beds, and pads.

  • Solutions

    Addax implemented a vendor-to-client inventory management system that enables the organization to streamline the entire process of receiving, managing, tracking, and replenishing inventory (e.g., medicines) in its single warehouse. The custom-developed solution ensures that all medicines are distributed properly and in a timely manner by providing information about trackable quantities, quotes (by each location), and expiration dates (very crucial).

    The system also makes it easy for the warehouse manager to generate and place a barcode or QR code on medicine boxes for easy tracking of medicines from any vendor or at any location. All actions taken by anyone in the warehouse (e.g., move to trash) are automatically captured with zebra (barcode/QR code) scanners and this information is automatically pulled by the organization’s finance, logistics, medicine availability, and vendor portals. These integrations make it easy to manage hundreds of different medicines from different vendors with different expiration dates and different quotes with full transparency and minimal bottlenecks.

  • Result

    The client reports that the system has helped them to cut inventory wastage by 25%. They have also reduced inventory shrinkage by 20% and carrying costs by 25%.

Case Study 3

Field-service Application

  • Challenge

    This organization wanted to optimize their field service (onsite) operations to ensure that maintenance, repairs, installations, and inspections happened on time and in a seamless manner.

  • Solutions

    We designed, tested, and implemented a tailored field service application that allows the organization’s field technicians to easily manage their work orders, schedules, and customer information and communications in the field. The application also includes scheduling and dispatching capabilities so managers can easily assign work orders, dispatch technicians, and optimize workforce schedules and routes. The solution includes an offline functionality, allowing technicians to continue working even without Internet access, communication tools for on-the-go intra-personnel communications and communications between personnel and management, and automated features for inventory management, documentation, and reporting.

  • Result

    The organization has reported productivity improvements of 40% among its field service personnel as well as 25% higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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