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Designing and building best-in-class solutions to streamline operations for consumer-facing sectors, enhance guest experiences, and maximize revenues.

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Domains of Hospitality and Events

Addax builds a variety of technology solutions for the hospitality, events, travel, and entertainment industries

  • Spa Hotels and

  • Restaurants and

  • Travel Agencies
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  • Events and Entertainment

Domains of Hospitality and Events

Addax builds a variety of technology solutions for the hospitality, events, travel, and entertainment industries. Our offerings support organizations in these customer-focused sectors so they can effectively streamline operations, strengthen customer relationships, enhance guest experiences, and ultimately boost revenues and profitability.

Hotels and Resorts

The most successful hotels and resorts understand their customers’ wants and expectations - and then implement measures to meet them. Addax’s solutions enable hotels and resorts to achieve success through technology. Our offerings encompass a wide range of tools and applications that enable hospitality firms to streamline everything from property management and customer relationship management, to reservations, bookings, client identification, point-of-sale, and payments. Our goal is to help them to unleash the full potential of advanced technologies to exceed customer expectations, consistently deliver high customer satisfaction, and garner their loyalty and repeat patronage.

Restaurants and Catering

Addax has the technological expertise and resources to build and deploy all kinds of solutions for restaurant and catering businesses. Numerous such businesses have implemented our POS systems to manage orders, track sales, and process payments, online ordering and delivery platforms to reach a broader audience, as well as tableside ordering devices to enhance diners’ overall dining experiences. We also have experience building reservation management systems, kitchen display systems, digital menu boards, and inventory management systems - all of which can be customized for a specific business, its operations, and desired results.

Travel Agencies

The travel industry has experienced a lot of upheaval in recent years. As customers’ needs change and new demands emerge, travel agencies need to reinvent their operational models to stay afloat and capture travelers’ hearts, minds, and wallets. And for this, many turn to Addax’s technological expertise and support. Our travel agency-focused solutions include travel booking platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, payment processing solutions, travel management software, and payment processing solutions. Each solution is designed keeping in mind an agency’s needs, whether it is improved customer satisfaction, higher bookings, secure payments, or revenue growth.

Events and Entertainment

The entertainment and media sector is being revolutionized by technology. From event management software, livestreaming, and webcasting, to interactive displays, digital signage, blockchain ticketing, and Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR), new technological developments are creating new opportunities for organizations to create compelling new content, tap into new distribution channels, and facilitate memorable interactions with audiences. Addax is passionate about connecting entertainment and media companies with many of these latest technologies so they can successfully achieve all these goals and constantly remain ahead of the curve.

Userfriendly Businessready Solutions for Hospitality and Events Firms

Today, new technologies are unlocking new opportunities for monetization and growth in the hospitality, entertainment, events, and travel sectors. Addax designs and builds digital products that effectively leverage these technologies and position organizations for current and future success.

Our scheduling and reservation portals enable hotels, resorts, and restaurants to maximize occupancy and revenue, while also providing guests with convenience and personalized experiences. We customize and integrate full-featured CRM platforms that enable these firms, as well as travel agencies, events companies, and entertainment firms to leverage the power of data to strengthen customer relationships, track guest preferences and behaviors, and design personalized marketing and service offerings. Many of these organizations have also harnessed our expertise in developing billing and payments solutions, mobile applications, AI-powered predictive models, and feedback/review systems to reshape their operations, solve business problems, and rapidly pivot their offerings to match consumer demands and expectations.

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Scheduling and ReservationsRead more

Addax’s scheduling and reservation software enables hospitality, entertainment, and travel companies to effortlessly schedule guests, appointments, seats, flights, activities, and more, depending on their specific requirements. The software makes scheduling and reservations effortless and hassle-free, so companies never miss bookings or monetization opportunities. Built-in automations and integrations with other systems like billing and payments eliminate the potential for human error, ensuring that bookings are always up-to-date. Plus, customer-facing staff are freed up from time-consuming or repetitive activities so they can move away from routine admin tasks to focus on engaging with guests/customers and providing them with the best possible travel, stay, or meal experience.


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Visitor/Client IdentificationRead more

Addax has built numerous identification platforms that enable organizations to identify visitors or clients and grant them appropriate access permissions. The platforms employ various cutting-edge technologies to simplify numerous activities, including user registration, check-ins, identity verification, credential issuance, activity logging and tracking, and visitor management. In streamlining and automating these tasks, the platform provides the means to securely authenticate individuals, ensure compliance with security protocols, and maintain a safe and welcoming environment for every visitor, guest, customer, or client. Reporting and analytics features can also be incorporated into the platform to track visitor trends and optimize visitor/client management processes over time.


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Feedback and ReviewsRead more

A feedback and reviews platform built by Addax facilitates hospitality, events, and entertainment companies to collect, manage, and analyze customer feedback and reviews, and leverage this wealth of information to improve operations, processes, products, and services. The platform can be built to collect and aggregate feedback from multiple channels and organize it for further analysis. Tools can be included to extract key actionable insights and trends for decision-making. We can also incorporate features to respond to feedback, address customer concerns, and provide assistance - all of which can help businesses to nurture and strengthen their customer relationships and revenues.

Payment SolutionsRead more

Addax’s payment solutions are built to ensure smooth transactions and convenience for users, as well as hassle-free bookings and frictionless revenue-generation for organizations. We have the development skill and technological knowhow to develop many kinds of payments systems, including POS systems, mobile payment apps, virtual terminals, contactless payment solutions, and in-room payment solutions. We have also designed gift card and loyalty programs and blockchain-based solutions that enable businesses in the travel, hospitality, events, and entertainment sectors to streamline transactions, enhance customer experiences, and drive higher revenue growth, while complying with all mandatory security and privacy standards.

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Services that can be applied for this industry

Web Development

Addax’s dedicated team of web designers and developers have experience building customized online reservation and scheduling portals for the travel, hospitality, and events industries. Whether the use case is to book a hotel room, a restaurant table, a plane ticket (with preferred seats!), or a multi-city trip, we can craft portals with all required features and automations built-in for easy bookings and equally easy payments. Our team can also craft high-conversion landing pages that capture audience attention and boost conversions, and customize collaborative, user-friendly CMS platforms to help businesses to easily manage their digital assets and streamline content publishing.

CRM Implementation

At Addax, we design and implement CRM platforms that provide customer-facing businesses with a 360-degree view of every customer. These views enable them to understand customer demographics, preferences, and history, and then leverage this information to design personalized engagement strategies and deliver memorable experiences with every stay, flight, event, or meal. The platform includes numerous tools and features to connect with customers, improve customer relationships, and scale business growth, including contact management, feedback and review management, interaction tracking, workflow automations, customer support ticketing, and reporting and analytics.

Mobile Applications

Over the years, Addax has built up a reputation as “mobile application mavens” due to our ability to design mobile apps specially tailored to the needs of the hospitality, entertainment, events, and travel sectors. We work closely with each client to understand their requirements and then build apps for their specific use case, such as on-field management, on-field feedback collection, and ticket/identity/reservation verification. We are adept at building applications for time tracking, project management, collaboration, expense management, and learning and development that enable employees to work more efficiently and productively and enable businesses to capture higher ROI from their valuable human assets.

Data Engineering and Analytics

Addax empowers firms in the hospitality, entertainment, and travel sectors to transform data into a powerful, revenue-generating resource. Our data engineering services and analytics solutions are designed to aid the businesses in these industries to effectively leverage their data assets to enhance operational efficiencies, boost productivity, and accelerate innovation. We set up data lakes and data warehouses, design AI-powered predictive models and day-to-day analytics models, build cutting-edge recommendation engines, and transform data into user-friendly visualizations. Our expertise also extends to the integration of business intelligence and analytics tools, audience analysis, and the implementation of data protection solutions so our clients can consistently make the most of their precious data.

What is Addax Hospitality and Events Solutions

In an era of evolving consumer tastes, preferences, and behaviors, consumer-facing organizations have their hands full trying to keep up. Add to that the challenges of rising operational costs and ongoing labor shortages and it’s harder than ever for restaurants, hotels, resorts, travel agents, entertainment firms, and event organizers to connect with target audiences, deliver memorable experiences, and maintain a competitive edge. Fortunately, technology provides a solution to these challenges.
The latest technological innovations from Addax help to catalyze positive change in these industries. Addax’s solutions are reshaping these sectors by streamlining operations, lowering operational costs, enabling accurate predictions, and facilitating personalized consumer experiences. Our most popular offerings are scheduling and reservation portals, payment solutions, visitor identification software, client feedback apps, and review management software, with each product tailored to the needs of a specific organization to help them unlock new opportunities for customer engagement and monetization.


Ecosystem that will relate to this industry

Every service and solution from Addax is built to effortlessly integrate with many of the other technologies and digital products used by hospitality, travel, and entertainment organizations. These integrations help to create a cohesive technological infrastructure that has the potential to consistently generate powerful business results.

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Salesforce, a powerful, industry-agnostic CRM platform can be effectively customized to streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and drive revenues in the hospitality, travel, and events sectors. Its capabilities can be used to manage guest/traveler experiences, streamline booking processes, create targeted marketing campaigns, and manage service requests, inquiries, feedback, and complaints. Moreover, its analytics and reporting tools provide valuable insights that enable business to analyze key performance metrics, optimize operations, make data-driven decisions, and drive higher revenues and profitability.


Stripe is one of the world’s leading online payment processors. Its suite of tools and APIs enable hospitality, entertainment, and travel businesses to accept payments and handle financial transactions securely and efficiently. It supports numerous payment methods and channels so companies can sync with their customers’ payment preferences and deliver hassle-free experiences with every transaction. Stripe includes built-in tools to detect and minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions as well as developer tools to integrate payment processing into websites, mobile apps, and custom applications.

02. Stripe


Squarespace is an all-in-one website building and hosting platform that makes it easy to build professional-looking business websites, even with minimal technical knowledge and coding expertise. Its intuitive drag-and-drop website builder, customizable templates, and a user-friendly CMS simplify website creation and management. Moreover, its built-in e-commerce and marketing tools enable businesses to create online stores, attract more visitors, and promote products and services in compelling, personalized ways. All in all, any restaurant, hotel, travel agent, event management company, or entertainment firm can harness Squarespace’s tools and resources to establish or grow their online presence.

03. Squarespace

Addax’s solutions can be easily integrated with any conversational AI chatbot to enhance their functionalities. Integrating our CRMs with a chatbot enables businesses to effortlessly capture and qualify more leads, update customer records, and automate follow-up tasks based on chat interactions. A chatbot integrated with Addax’s payment processing apps enables secure payment processing, while a CMS-integrated chatbot simplifies the delivery of dynamic content and content recommendations. We can also integrate chatbots with marketing automation platforms, appointment scheduling software, and survey and feedback tools to enable organizations to capture greater value from their technological investments.


Mailchimp, an all-in-one marketing platform, enables hotels, restaurants, event managers, caterers, travel agents and other consumer-facing businesses to create, manage, and automate email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and websites. It includes numerous tools to set up marketing automations, create social media ads, segment and manage audiences, and track purchase behaviors. Further, its comprehensive analytics and reporting tools are designed to track campaign performance, analyze audience engagement, and gain useful insights that enable businesses to optimize their digital marketing strategies and ensure success in the competitive digital landscape.






Salesforce, a powerful, industry-agnostic CRM platform can be effectively customized to streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and drive revenues in the hospitality, travel, and events sectors. Its capabilities can be used to manage guest/traveler experiences, streamline booking processes, create targeted marketing campaigns, and manage service requests, inquiries, feedback, and complaints. Moreover, its analytics and reporting tools provide valuable insights that enable business to analyze key performance metrics, optimize operations, make data-driven decisions, and drive higher revenues and profitability.





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