Non-profits and Social Care

Addax develops best-in-class digital products that empower non-profits to engage with their supporters, seek and manage donations, and most importantly, achieve their stated mission.

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Domains of Nonprofits and Social Care

Non-profit organizations aim to make a positive difference in the communities they serve

  • Educational Institutions

  • Non-profit

  • Social Service Agencies

  • Grant-Making

Domains of Nonprofits and Social Care

Non-profit organizations aim to make a positive difference in the communities they serve. And Addax supports them in making this difference by connecting them with the best solutions to manage donations, grants, and fundraising events, mobilize supporters and volunteers, streamline donor communications, and analyze and leverage key data to understand donor behaviors, improve fundraising, and increase program impact.

Educational Institutions

A broad range of educational institutions have implemented software, applications, portals, and other technology-powered products from Addax to enhance teaching and learning, improve administrative efficiency, and improve engagement with students and parents. These solutions include learning management systems (LMS), student information systems (SIS), interactive devices like whiteboards and projectors, plus online learning platforms, educational apps, assessment/evaluation tools, and data analytics and reporting solutions. Our aim is to aid schools, colleges, and universities in creating environments that foster better learning and bring positive societal change.


Addax’s technology solutions generate numerous benefits for non-profit organizations. Our online donation and fundraising platforms enable them to accept and manage donations securely and with full transparency, while our volunteer management software simplifies volunteer recruitment, scheduling, and coordination. Non-profits can easily plan, promote, and manage fundraising events with our event management platform and harness our advocacy and campaign tools to mobilize supporters and raise mission awareness

Social Service Agencies

At Addax, we have made it our mission to bring the best of modern technologies to social service agencies. These include centralized case management platforms, user-friendly self-service portals, collaborative referral management systems, mobile outreach and engagement tools, and data analytics and reporting tools. We also have the skills to build training and development platforms, document management and collaboration tools, and program impact evaluation solutions. Every Addax solution is designed to help social service agencies make the most of their limited resources and consistently achieve their mission, whatever it may be.


Many philanthropic, charitable, and research-oriented foundations harness Addax’s technological offerings to streamline day-to-day operations and achieve their goals. We build grant management and donor management systems, customize and integrate customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, implement financial management software, and deploy impact measurement and evaluation tools. Through our solutions, foundations and their decision-makers are able to effectively solicit and review grant proposals, raise program awareness, manage grants, engage with stakeholders, accept donations, and assess and optimize the outcomes of their various initiatives and programs.

Missionready Software and Applications for Nonprofits

Addax’s mission is to bring the right solutions to non-profit organizations. We specialize in building donor and donation management platforms, communications and self-service portals, CMS, contact center software, AI-powered predictive models, and data analytics and reporting software. Our expertise extends to building deep integrations between these and other systems to help non-profits to further improve operations, reduce costs, facilitate collaboration, and enhance decision-making.

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What can be done

Donations and FundraisingRead more

Addax carefully plans, designs, implements, and deploys cloud-based donation and fundraising platforms that enable non-profits to securely accept donations through a variety of channels, including websites, email, and social media pages. They can also track donations, store donor information, segment donor lists, and engage in personalized communications and stewardship. In short, we provide everything they need to make the most of donations for specific missions. Each platform can be customized to include features like customizable donation forms, recurring donation options, reports, dashboards, and more, depending on the organization’s requirements.

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Reporting and AnalysisRead more

Addax’s tailored data analytics and reporting software are designed to help non-profits analyze data, visualize trends, and capture useful actionable insights. These insights can be leveraged to identify areas of improvement, understand donor behaviors, plan program outcomes, and assess program impact. Non-profit leadership and decision-makers can also use these tools to track KPIs, review interventions, visualize important information, and make data-driven decisions. They can share key metrics, insights, and visualizations with key stakeholders, and implement appropriate measures and controls to optimize their programs, scale up fundraising efforts, and achieve these goals.

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Communication PlatformsRead more

Non-profit employees, leaders, and decision-makers need to frequently communicate with donors, constituents, supporters, volunteers, event managers, advocates, marketing professionals, and others as they work towards a common mission and goal. Addax facilitates seamless communications between all these parties through user-friendly, collaborative communication platforms and tools. Each platform includes numerous features to enable seamless two-way dialog and information-sharing to improve collaboration and bring greater transparency into non-profit operations. The platforms can be integrated with other tools to further help non-profits optimize their programs and advance their missions.


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Education and TrainingRead more

Non-profits leverage Addax’s digital education, training, and development platforms to implement education and skill development programs for staff members and volunteers. Through these platforms, they can deliver online courses, webinars, and other learning resources that empower learners to consistently update their skillset and knowledge. The platform can be further strengthened with discussion forums, assessment and grading tools, and analytics dashboards to facilitate collaborative learning and ongoing development. Organizations can also leverage the customized platform to track staff progress and ensure compliance with training requirements.

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Services that can be applied for this industry

Web Development

Addax has built landing pages and donations pages for numerous for-profit organizations, agencies, and institutions. Our web development experts know what it takes to attract attention and compel potential donors to open their hearts and wallets to a non-profit and its mission. We have also customized user-friendly CMS platforms that enable social care organizations to create and maintain an online presence through websites and social media. The CMS can be used by any non-technical user to manage these digital assets and keep them updated with new content that effectively communicates the non-profit’s vision and message to all key stakeholders.

CRM Implementation

At Addax, we extend our expertise in CRM implementation and customization to non-profits so they can build and maintain meaningful and strong relationships with donors, supporters, and other important stakeholders. The CRM provides detailed data about each stakeholder and includes tools for donor and case management, reporting, and feedback collection. It can also segment donor lists, track donor preferences and behaviors, answer user questions, surface useful documentation, and facilitate personalized communication and stewardship efforts. By centralizing all important information, the CRM platform empowers non-profits to take timely and appropriate action in support of their mission and community.

Business Automations

Many non-profit organizations have implemented Addax’s superior business automations to automate and streamline many internal processes and thus save lots of human time and effort. We build solutions that eliminate the need for human intervention in scheduling, on-call support, donor engagement, fundraising, and donation collections workflows. Other tasks like financial management and activity reporting can also be automated to reduce manual errors, minimize paperwork, and reduce costs. Each solution is carefully designed to help the organization optimize their workflows and get higher value and ROI out of their limited human resources.

Data Analytics and Engineering

Addax’s data engineering and analytics solutions are tailored to provide all kinds of non-profits with deep insights into their operations and performance. Depending on their requirements and mission, they can use our solution to track donor behaviors, analyze client data, assess program impact and outcomes, capture demographic trends, and more. The insights provided by our tools enable them to make data-driven decisions to further their mission. Moreover, they can share our user-friendly visualizations with key stakeholders like funders or donors to demonstrate accountability, enhance engagement, improve resource management, and achieve their goals.

What is Addax Nonprofits and Social Care Solutions

Non-profit organizations frequently face challenges like skills shortages, high worker turnover, intake errors, and reduced funding. Technology solutions can help to ease these challenges and more importantly, empower these organizations to achieve their mission to serve their target community.

Addax’s technological innovations are designed to help these worthy organizations mitigate these challenges. Through our platforms, AI models, analysis tools, visualizations, and integrations, we enable non-profits to streamline their operations so they can focus on their primary mission. Our offerings leverage the latest technologies to help them to lower their operational costs and better engage with the people who really matter, thus generating higher donations and support and making a bigger social impact with their programs.


Ecosystem that will relate to this industry

Addax’s products and services can be easily integrated into any existing system currently implemented at a non-profit, whether it is a CRM, a payment processor, a website building and hosting platform, a customer service platform, or even conversational AI chatbots. Through these integrations, non-profit and care organizations can scale up the impact and ROI of their technological infrastructure without appreciably adding to their costs.

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Salesforce can be integrated with Addax’s solutions to help non-profits streamline operations, marketing, donor relationship management, support, and other processes. Through Salesforce, they can track new donor leads and interactions, easily manage donors, cases, communication channels, and knowledgebases, and create personalized marketing campaigns. They can even build online communities to support their mission, uncover useful insights about program performance and impact, capture predictive insights for program planning and optimization, and automate many repetitive tasks to save time and human effort.


Stripe, an online payment processor, can be integrated with a non-profit’s donor management platform, landing pages, website, case management portals, scheduling tools, and more. Through Stripe, they can accept donations in a secure and transparent manner. Stripe’s customizable and mobile-responsive payment interface simplifies the donation process, helping to reduce friction and increase conversion rates. Moreover, the organization can easily set up recurring donations and provide acknowledgements to donors, which can not only increase donations, but also garner more donors’ trust and support.

02. Stripe


Non-profits with limited technical knowledge and coding expertise can benefit from the Squarespace website building and hosting platform. With this platform, they can build a compelling website that supports and communicates their mission and primary message. Squarespace features intuitive wizards, templates, and a user-friendly CMS that enable non-profit staff to both create the website and manage its digital assets. It also includes a hosting service so resource- and budget-constrained non-profits don’t have to spend more than they have to in order to maintain a fast, secure, highly available website.

03. Squarespace


Zendesk is a suite of customer service and support software that enables non-profits like charities, social care agencies, and educational institutions to better engage with their audiences, manage support interactions, and strengthen stakeholder relationships. With its ticketing system, they can manage user inquiries, support requests, and service incidents from multiple channels, while its knowledge base and self-service portal makes it easy to share resources to help users find answers and self-troubleshoot issues. Zendesk also provides live chat and messaging capabilities that enable non-profits to offer real-time support through their website or mobile app.

04. Zendesk


Non-profits can leverage conversational AI chatbots to enhance user engagement and reduce operational costs. Chatbots can automate routine tasks such as answering frequently asked questions, providing program information, processing donations, and handling basic troubleshooting, thus freeing up human support agents to focus on more complex issues and tasks. Implementing chatbots and integrating them with Addax’s solutions also improves a non-profit’s overall efficiency and productivity by automating repetitive tasks. Moreover, chatbots lower operational costs by helping non-profits to scale their customer support operations efficiently without hiring additional staff and use the money saved to support and further their mission.

05. Salesforce





Salesforce can be integrated with Addax’s solutions to help non-profits streamline operations, marketing, donor relationship management, support, and other processes. Through Salesforce, they can track new donor leads and interactions, easily manage donors, cases, communication channels, and knowledgebases, and create personalized marketing campaigns. They can even build online communities to support their mission, uncover useful insights about program performance and impact, capture predictive insights for program planning and optimization, and automate many repetitive tasks to save time and human effort.









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